She dazzled them all
with her grace and charm,
and yet,
she was still even more amazing
on the inside.

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She dazzled them all with her Grace and charm, and yet, she was even more amazing on the inside

Let Me Introduce You to Grace! imageLet Me Introduce You to Grace! imageLet Me Introduce You to Grace! image
I often get asked who Grace is. 

It must be someone of significance, right?

Am I Grace? 

Is my mother Grace?
Is my grandmother Grace?  
My niece?

"Oh! I know. .  . your dog!"

 I believe all of these to be true… But so much more.  

Let me introduce you to Grace. 

Grace is defined by elegance of form or motion, to add beauty to, embellish or decorate. Grace is to favor or to honor. It is pardon, mercy, to show kindness. Grace is undeserved love and forgiveness.  To me, Grace is unconditional love. That real love you get when all the newness is gone and your hair has been loved off (if you don't know what I'm talking about you'll have to read the velveteen rabbit)  I can never seem to wrap my mind around it. 

Grace truly amazes me. 

It is something the world needs more of. To be wrapped in Grace is the most wonderful indescribable feeling.  One simple, small word with such a huge meeting! It's power is unstoppable. It reminds me that even though we may feel small or unimportant at times, but our little light shining could be the only thing helping to keep someone else from darkness.

What is grace to you? 

Who is grace to you?
A little about me image
Always a creative and imaginative, yet serious child, I dreamed of owning the boutiques that my mom and I visited on our family vacations. I could never get enough. There was something about the way they were so charming and enchanting, beckoning you in.  You never knew what or who you would find...always beauty awaiting you. Interested in the fashion and beauty industry, I attended Capitol School of Cosmotology in, 2001. I worked in big, fast pace salons of Omaha's Hair Choice and Garbo's  Regency for 10 years. After this, I rented a studio space from Salon Suites and then Mod Studio Salon. After being in the industry for a while and managing my small business for a few years  I felt I could do what I love in a space that was mine while incorporating my passion for vintage jewelry and furniture. With the grace of my family Grace Salon and Boutique was created. In a 1910 sears  craftsman bungalow renovated into a hair salon/beauty boutique, we opened in December 2010! I am so incredibly blessed  with the gift of family. I have their constant love and support. I could not do this without their help. On any given day that you are here for an appointment you will most likely see my dad  doing yardwork or my mom dropping off  coffee creamer! :-) 

This… Is… Grace.

 You will feel it when you arrive. You will shine with it when you leave!

  • 446 N Jefferson St, Papillion, NE 68046, United States

Wishing you happiness, GRACE, and good hair days!